Investment objective

The Fund seeks to achieve over the long term a total return in excess of that of the MSCI World Index (with net dividends reinvested) through investment in a concentrated portfolio of equity securities of predominantly large companies, selected from all the major markets and to a lesser extent from some emerging markets, worldwide. The average market capitalization of companies represented within the Fund is likely to be more than US$20 billion. The approach is classic contrarian value, based on bottom-up fundamental research of individual companies.

Fund particulars

Launch date01 December 2005
Fund sizeUS$20.8m
Base currencyUSD
Min. investmentUS$3,000,000
Management fees0.90% per annum
TER1.25% per annum
BenchmarkMSCI World

Portfolio managers


Andrew Goodwin

Portfolio Manager

Nigel Waller

Portfolio Manager

Global Equities Strategy

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