Value investing

Oldfield Partners’ distinct culture and disciplined 
investment process provide the foundations for our 
specialist value investment boutique


Based on long-established investment theories of identifying intrinsic worth in undervalued stocks


We are contrarian investors who are willing to deviate from current market trends and themes


Evolution of the value investment philosophy has led to distinct value investment styles that can deliver differing investor outcomes

An introduction to value investing

Disciplined investing

Many investment philosophies place valuation discipline as a core tenet of their strategy. Often these investment philosophies will utilise or cite aspects of classical investment theories from investors such as Ben Graham, Sir John Templeton and Warren Buffett, but in their application can become distracted by short-term investment horizons, themes, index composition, sentiment and over-diversification.

Investors should ensure they understand where their portfolio managers sit on the “value spectrum” to ensure they are aligned to their investment objectives, and that their portfolio manager is able to deliver true long-term alpha from their approach to value investing.

Consistent across all investment strategies at Oldfield Partners are the following tenets:

  • Deep fundamental analysis to identify the intrinsic worth of a company stock
  • Buying companies at a discount to the market and intrinsic worth, then selling when they reach a target value
  • Patience to maintain an investment despite short-term market noise
  • Focussed active portfolios that are contrarian from the crowd or a specific index