Global equity income portfolios are co-managed by Richard Garstang and Samuel Ziff. Richard joined OP in November 2006. He previously worked at Man Securities as a research analyst covering the banking and specialty finance sector, and has also been a consultant for Deloitte in London and San Francisco. Samuel has been part of the global investment team since joining OP in 2013 and was previously employed by J.P. Morgan Cazenove, working in the UK Industrials Corporate Finance team.

The portfolio invests globally in large companies and aims to provide a significant level of income which will rise over time, combined with capital appreciation. We aim to produce a yield of at least 130% of that available from the MSCI World Index.

The investment approach is long only, concentrated yet diversified (25-30 holdings), index-ignorant, suspicious of short-termism and with a focus on valuations. There is additional emphasis placed on dividends and their sustainability.